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v     Marie speaks with Natalie Swedosh

v      Marie Speaks with Penelope Doyle

v      Marie speaks with Raj Elohim the way of the heart Christ Conscious

v      Marie Speaks with Fara Curlewis

v      Marie speaks with Jenni Burns

v      Marie speaks with Maggie Landman the Earth Whisperer

v      Marie speaks with Tracie Woolley Inspire you Day

v      Marie speaks with Alex Telman

v      Marie speaks with Dr Thomas Bige

v      Marie speaks with Alan Spencer

v      Marie speaks with Sandy Haunsell

v      Marie speaks with Elizabeth from SOMA

v      Marie speaks with Jodianne author Emily & the Magic Wish

v      Peter speaks with World renowned Nuclear Activist Helen Caldicott about the reality of our nuclear world

v      Marie speaks with amazing souls Trudi & Les Dyer from Heartland Retreat

v      Peter T speaks with Kris from the Australian Orangutan Project

v      Marie talks to Pip Cornall about his new book for MEN

v      Make Rain with The Rainmaker Barbara Carseldine talking with Marie Brunger

v      The news on Alora Waldron of Onegroup about certified organic skin and body care




AravindaBrian & Noeline MartinCarmelle Moore

DarishaKean BuckleyPravas

Robin ClayfieldSonia Moren


v      Peter Thomas speaks with Brisbane’s 1,000,000 hugs people

v      Marie and Dr Michael Tait, the Doctor the authorities love to hate!

v      Marie and Ray Jamieson, the business wizard with a “spiritual” twist

v      Marie and Rev Sarsha Carpenter, just before her books surprise us all!

v      Marie Brunger speaks with Gwen Ford about her “complementary health school”

v      Marie Brunger talks with Grace Gawler

v      Peter Thomas talks with Independent Film Maker, David Bradbury, maker of “Blowin in the Wind” revealing the dangers of depleted uranium weaponry, about his new film exposing the nuclear industry posing as the “Global Warming Solution” and about the Talisman Sabre Military War simulations planned for Shoalwater Bay in Central Queensland

v      Jan Nary interviews and music with Luka Bloom – The doyen of Folk Music in Australia

v      Jan Nary is back speaking with Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley

v      Jan Nary talks and plays with Blackwood performing at the National Folk Festival

v      Peter Thomas talks with Nityama on Sexuality

v      Peter Thomas talks with Canadian Mary Winn Ashford author of “Enough Blood Shed” looking at the Civil Rights successes across the world and the diminishment of war and conflict.

v      Peter Thomas speaks with Danielle Viliunas about a no nuclear world.








Peats Ridge Festival 2009

Interview with Matt Grant



Manifest all you desire.  Peter Thomas talks with Natasha Howie of Brisbane’s Quantum Magicians in this amazing series


Quantum Magicians Interview 1


Quantum Magicians Interview 2


Quantum Magicians Interview 3


Quantum Magicians Interview 4


Quantum Magicians Interview 5


Quantum Magicians Interview 6


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